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  • March 7, 2012
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Ruth asks…


I bought Microsoft Expression Web recently i made a website it is going well so far but then i decided to make a ASP.NET website because the option i needed was only for ASP.NET websites so i made one then as I viewed it (test view) on my browser (Internet Explorer 7.0) It showed the script instead of the page so it was like a huge bunch of scripting when it was supposed to be a normal webpage…. I think it is because of the ASP.NET? Maybe i have to be connected with it or sumthin like that….. Please help!

Summer answers:

ASP.NET is a server side scripting language, since you have so many question marks you may want to stick with HTML. =)

George asks…


I want retrieve data from sql to my . net page.. i have a set a combo box.. where the all usernames have to be stored . On selecting any name all other values should be displayed.. i wrote this code but i get error.

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(“Data Source=ORG-99DBE221248;Initial Catalog=pubs;Integrated Security=True”);

String sName = “select * from feedback where uname='” + cuname.Text + “‘”;

email.Text = email ;

sites.Text = site ;

pro.Text= pro ;

cm.Text = cm ;

qa.Text = aq;

sug.Text = Sug ;

Qlike.Text = Qlike ;

dislike.Text = dislike ;

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sName,con);


SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

Error are shown where i assign text box and sql value… can anybody rectify this error plz. i use c# language

Summer answers:

Try this code. And dont use String concat operations.

Using( SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(“Data Source=ORG-99DBE221248;Initial Catalog=pubs;Integrated Security=True”) )


SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(“SELECT * FROM feedback WHERE ( UNAME = @UNAME )”);

command.Parameters.Add(“@UNAME”, SqlDbTypes.Text) = cuname.Text;

SqlDataReader reader = null;




reader = command.ExecuteReader();

if ( reader.HasRows )


while ( reader.Read() )


email.Text = reader.GetString( database table field index like 0 );

if email columns first column in the table then you must use 0 for first column

email.Text = reader.GetString(0);

sites.Text = reader.GetString(1);






} catch ( SqlException ex )


// Handle errors

} // End Try

} / / End U”sing

Robert asks…

Asp.Net dating software: does it require programming knowledge in order to start a dating site?

I have spent about two weeks now trying to gather options on how I can start a dating site because I have a great idea for a particular niche. Does ASP.Net dating software require programming knowledge or can I create a site from this on my own? I wouldn’t mind learning how to install it or certain things on programming, but if it’s something that requires a developer, then obviously I won’t buy it. Any ideas?

Summer answers:

“Asp.Net dating software” – what software you are talking about ? If you found some ready to use dating web app. That you can buy – then , no you don’t need to know . You still need to install it on the server, set all permission, install database etc.

Sharon asks…

How much c# javascript do i have to learn in order to get a entry level job as a web programmer?

im studying to learn C# right now, but most jobs that i see advertised are developing and not software development, i wanted to know how much C#,,css,htm and javascript would i need to learn in order to get a entry level job as a web programmer.

Summer answers:

How long is a piece of string? Totally depends on the job. When I interview people for Purple Turtle I want them to know the basics of everything on their cv, so

c#: what’s an interface and how do you use one. Difference between implementing interfaces and inheriting from base classes.

Css: what’s specificity mean (virtually everything else you can just guess)

javascript: how do you navigate the dom

html: nothing. I’ve never met anyone who knows css who doesn’t know html. what’s the page lifecycle, viewstate,

But I’ve interviewed people with 2+ years of experience who can’t answer the above because they

(1) only use css in a simple way, or via the designer

(2) copy and paste javascript

(3) c#. Get by on the real basics.

So, the only real advice is

(1) learn c# properly. That’s your main target

(2) Learn a bit about html, javascript, css. The basics are easy are won’t take long


(i) This takes time to get into it, may or may not be worth it because some places want commercial experience anyway

(ii) There’s and MVC which from a beginners point of view aren’t the same

Which doesn’t answer your question I appreciate. The more you know the better chance you’ll have. There’s no right answer here.

B.t.w. I spent a while studying J2EE/JSP and then got a job in so the studying wasn’t really worth it, except that I got an appreciation for the differences between the two.

Maria asks…

How long does it take to master ASP.NET to a working degree?

I love PHP and I love programming, but I’ve come to the point that it has to be a job. I’ve searched for PHP programmer offers in my country, but they are close to none, everybody wants an ASP.NET expert. And they all want an ‘expert’ like it’s so possible for everyone to be just perfect. Is ASP.NET hard opposed to PHP OOP and procedural?

Summer answers:

The syntaxes are totally different .. the code itself is a different language.. but if you can learn to code, you can learn to code.

Its just a road you turn at.


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