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  • April 8, 2012
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James asks…

What is the best way to build a functioning website, if I have no web design experience?

I’m about to open my own small business and would like to launch a website with the possibility of adding an online store later. Should I invest in something like coffeecup or xara or just use yahoo web design or godaddy since they offer easy e-commerce options? Is an option like Mal’s e-commerce or kickstartkcart a better alternative to yahoo and godaddy?

Simon answers:

You can try from such sites but you cannot directly build the site by using it .. We always recommend installing WordPress and finding a theme that best suits your color and layout requirements. If you need any customization done we charge a paltry $35 per hour to make the site the way you want it.

Richard asks…

What is the best web hosting site for the money?

I have a small business I have been running on Ebay. I would like to start my own website, but it is new to me.
Any opinions on webhosts that offer ecommerce for small business….and a must have step by step web design?
I appreciate all input. I have viewed all hosts options offered from the current suggestions. Even though some seem inexpensive up front, there are tons of other costs for ecommerce customers and for someone who needs to build their website through them. I am looking for an easy to use site that offers step by step web design and easy to use ecommerce options. Any ideas?

Simon answers:

We offer hosting starting at just $1.99,. if you need more space or bandwidth we just add it on as you need it.

Linda asks…

Who is the best Web Design provider under £100($200)?

I have a small business, we are looking to expand to the internet and sell items. We want professional web design, however we have used most of our budget on offline advertising. We have got the site and host(Host Monster) set up, but we need some design.

I recentely purchased some html from ebay for 99p($2) and it was absolute CRAP. Could you suggest any web designing firms or individuals(reliable), that will do the job??

Simon answers:

My suggestion is to download a free WordPress theme that suits your needs. then we can modify it for just $35 per hour.

Nancy asks…

Godaddy good for a small business website?

Is godaddy good for a small business website? I plan on making a small business website and I need to know where is the best place to set that up. How much will it cost for a domain name, web hosting, and web design stuff?

Simon answers:

I never recommend GoDaddy., not even for domain registration.

Chris asks…

What should I call my business?

Hi! I now want to start a business on making Business Cards for others and Helping them start small businesses. I have all of the equipment and am ready, I just don’t know what to call it.

It was going to be “Take Flight” or “Jump Start” but they’re both taken.

My Name’s Francesca
I have a degree in Web design and I’m basically in the advertising for others business.. If that helps come up with a name!

***I’m sorry for posting this in Marriage and Divorce but this is the site I’m usually on and I get maturity in the answers and the majority of you on here are over 20.***

Thank you so much in advance.

Simon answers:

Francesca’s web
Fran’s designs
small starts big endings
Advertising with Fran
Fran’s fix’ins

Good luck by the way and power to you

Lizzie asks…

Microsoft Office Online Web Design?

I’ve decided to start up my business website with Microsoft Office Online. I’ve going to purchase a domain name but I want to be clear what features are available.

Also, is going with Microsoft Office Online the best solution for a small business like mine. My business is a spare parts for all automobiles shop.

If you feel Microsoft Office is not the best, please can you give alternatives.

Simon answers:

It depends on how much freedom you might want with your site. I had a client that was using Office Online for a while. she didnt like the way the site was laid out. It doesn’t give you any control over visitors or tracking abilities and even content.

Paul asks…

How do I go about getting my own web domain?

I want to register the domain, for my small business. What the best budget way to find and host it. I plan to do all the web designing myself. Thanks

Simon answers:

Head over to our account manager and register. We are an ICANN Registrar and you can search for your domains right from your account homepage

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