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Mary asks…

Blogging sites?

What are the best FREE blogging sites on the net for an aspiring writer?

Simon answers:

Their is for picture blogging their is india timescom for blogging then their is the all so famous most preferred or blogspot powered by google for maintaining your e diary also then their is where u can blog all for free and then their is wordpress and many more even i have no knowledge of
u take care though

Chris asks…

Blogging Sites?

Does anyone know of any blogging sites that are like 360 set up..other than Myspace..thats free and easy to use??
Thats for ova 18’s

Simon answers:

thats all i know mate,
hope i could help.

David asks…

blogging sites???????

what are some good blogging sites that are little known and easy to navigate????

Simon answers:

If you want a social site with pictures and other services try —— multiply account

if you want an easy blog host try ————

Blog host with lots of templates, and other cool stuff

I use blogspot and wordpress for my under hosted blogs.!

Mandy asks…

What are some good sports blogging sites?

I’m studying Journalism at the University of Minnesota, and I am looking for a good website to start blogging on. I’m mostly looking for a good sports blogging website, but a music website would also be of interest. I’ve heard about Bleacher Report, is that one of the main sites?

Simon answers:

There are no such websites.

Thomas asks…

What are some really good blogging sites for writers?

I am looking for blogging sites that can help me make a little money but also a bolgging site that is popualr so people will read my blog!

Simon answers:


they don’t pay, but it is a very well known blog site.

Susan asks…

What are some really good, totally free blogging sites?

I wanted to start a photo blog, but I can’t find any good blogging sites that are totally free and have an unlimited storage space. Can someone give me some links to some, preferably some that aren’t too common and you’ve used before?

Simon answers:

Free Blogs like Blogger,Tumblr etc. Are great but if you are serious about business Free Blogs are unsecure , You need to get your own and in full control..There are cheap out there like less than a penny with Hosting,Domain,Websites with Blogs and Free Built in articles..articles are most important in your Blog sites.. You Can get all this 100 Free Blogs with Free articles ,Free Traffic , plus 50 Bonus websites in one roof just for less than a dollar!


look at the sample blog here :

James asks…

What do people use blogging sites for?

I am interested in how people are using blogging sites. Is it to keep in touch with family and friends, meet new people, become an expert? What keeps you using it? Is it when you meet new people, get comments back from others, etc? Would be grateful for any info you can provide on your personal experiences.

Simon answers:

I use Myspace to talk to people, old friends i havent seen in years and new friends alike. I keep using it because I have very long conversations that can lst anything from a few days to a week.

I prefer Myspace because i can edit my profile completely, i can put music, background images and videos for everyone to see and then a seperate section for pictures and videos that I only want my friends to see.

Here is my Myspace if you want to take a look. It has a blog on it aswell

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