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  • August 6, 2012
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Mandy asks…

Blogging software?

Can anyone recommend a blogging software of script? Easy to use, other than WordPress?

I want to do a blog for my family and my hubby wants to do one for work that he can also earn money from google adsense…

Summer answers:

Aside from WordPress, you can try a free blog service like

Maria asks…

Blogging Software?

What is the best blogging software? What makes it so good?

Summer answers:

I like WordPress. It’s open source, and has a very good community behind it creating themes, plugins and providing support.

Sandy asks…

What are 5 the most popular blogging software applications on the web?

We have created some software and we want to integrate it into blogging applications starting with the 5 most popular.

Summer answers:

Tell ya what. heres 20

Thomas asks…

What is the best low cost or no cost blogging software?

What in your opinion is the best low cost or no cost blogging software?

Summer answers:

WordPress. Http:// Totally free.

Laura asks…

What is the best blogging software to use on a ppc mobile device?

Looking for software that will help me add entries to my yahoo 360 blog from my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Will making a word doc then copy and paste be fine or is there a piece of software out there to help me with this…?

Summer answers:

I’ve used a program called cellspin, it works with a number of blog sites, although I haven’t checked to see if it works with yahoo 360

Donald asks…

What is the best blogging software or website that allows for multiple people to contribute to it?

Preferably free or cheap. Have about 4 people in different locations that would be contributing, only 1 with web design experience so it would have to be pretty user friendly. Also we’d like to be able to customize the look of it (our logo, colors etc). Any suggestions?

Summer answers:

WordPress would be the best for that. It’s the most popular blogging software used by the majority of top blogs. You can choose between free or paid WordPress blog hosting.

1. If you use free WordPress blog from you are limited in stuff you can do with it.

Pros: Free
Cons: They provide 70+ themes, but you cannot run a custom theme
You can’t change the PHP code behind your blog. You can’t upload plugins. You don’t get a real domain name just an address like unless you pay extra.

We do offer WordPress Hosting for $1.99 per month and since its a hosting account you can have run of emails and themes

They include easy, one click install of WordPress (from their control panel), or you can install everything manually if you want. There are no limitations with hosted WordPress (both auto installed and manually). You can install themes from 3rd party sites, alter them, change the PHP code, install plugins and customize everything.

John asks…

Anybody know what the best blogging software is?

Ease of use, editing and personalizing. I mean software you can use to make your site look like it’s yours and not just someones template!

Summer answers:

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