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  • March 10, 2012
  • Q&A
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Robert asks…

What is the Canadian version of Alex Jones Show?

I lost the website link. But there is a Canadian version kinda remind me of Alex Jones but in Canada. A Patriot Radio Podcast website.

Canadian internet talk podcast host. They had a male and female host
discussion current events.

Summer answers:

I’ve listened to Jones a few times, Simon listens to the show all the time.  I have no comment to make regarding his beliefs, but he had a large number of Canadian callers.

I don’t know of any Canadians that have a show even comparable.

Sharon asks…

How can I crank up the bandwidth limit of a website?

I’ve got this canadian hosting (unfortunately not with you yet), and my bandwidth is getting out of limit, can I just crank up the limit bandwidth.

for example(on whm) the current use is 35 gb and the limit is 40gb, can I change the 40 for a 50 or even more?

Summer answers:

Most hosts let you do this, they simply charge you more.

If you’re using a free host then they usually give more bandwidth when you go to the paid version.

You need to see your host’s help pages.

Linda asks…

What is the Canadian equivalent of the DMCA?

I am looking to make a music website where people could upload songs and make playlists. Since the server hosting all the files would be in Canada, I am guessing it would follow Canadian law, and not American.

Therefore, I am wondering what is the Canadian equivalent of the DMCA and how restrictive it is and such.

Thanks in advance!

Summer answers:

I thought it was the same

Joseph asks…

Can Canadians be charged for illegal committing activities on a United States website?

Not to say that I have done ant illegal activities but I have always be curious about the laws governing the internet. Say I did something on the net that is not illegal in my country but is illegal in the country where the website is hosted. What would happen?
i have been up for 41 hours and yes I have noticed the spelling mistakes.

Summer answers:

Yes! They can and also vice verse,it is known as, and Internet or cyber crime and comes under federal as well as international, statutes since it is from one country to the next.
What would happen? What do you think when federal and International laws are violated a slap on the hand,and that it I do not think so.

Michael asks…

What is your opinion on Canadian Philosopher Stefan Molyneux?

Hes got a very popular Youtube channel and hosts a website called Freedomainradio. Hes also a guest speaker on RT news a lot .

I think some of his ideas on psychology are interesting and philosophy, but disagree with a lot of his political views.
Hes also a little bit full of himself when speaking but interesting .

Summer answers:

Never heard of him but seeing in the bio I just looked up he’s a regular guest on “The Alex Jones Show”

Start there.


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