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Supporting nonprofits around the world this holiday season

From remote villages in India, to schools across the U.S., to refugee and migrant camps in Africa, technology can help people start…
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Helping for the long term in Flint, Michigan

Access to clean drinking water is a concern all over the world, but in the United States it’s often a foregone conclusion.…
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Providing support to combat Zika in Brazil and beyond

The recent Zika virus outbreak has caused concern around the world. We’ve seen more than a 3,000 percent increase in global search…
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Strengthening our commitment to racial justice

I started working with Dr. Carl Mack when I took an engineering internship in my hometown of Seattle. But it wasn’t long…
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Creating a world that works for everyone with Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities

More than a billion people have a disability. And regardless of the country or community they live in, the gaps in opportunity…
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