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  • February 23, 2012
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Lizzie asks…

What is the Law regarding the use of fonts when designing a corporate logo?


I have been approached to design a corporate logo for my Dad’s company, the company is now small, but has the potential to become huge… The logo will be used on all their print/promo materials and on the web

I have been experimenting using the fonts which are available to me from my font library which comes with Adobe Creative Suite Package…

Some of my designs have been very well received by the guys at my Dad’s company, so if they do end-up going with one of them…I want to make sure that I have done everything properly and not broken any laws which could potentially “come back to bite them” later on…

Some examples of fonts that I have been experimenting with are:

– Arial
– Century Gothic
– AvantGarde

Also, as a side question: There is an ‘e’ character in the company name, which I have decided to focus most of my graphic attention on… I have added a graphic to the ‘e’

– By doing this, I have changed the appearance of the character…does this now make it “my own” font? – even though all the other characters are still in Arial?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this… I really appreciate it. (any links would be great!)

P.S. – Please try to focus your answers around my actual question, rather than my design techniques! I just want to know if I am allowed to use the fonts legally.

Summer answers:

The bundled typefaces that come with Adobe’s CS package are all covered by the same EULA (End User Licence Agreement), you should be able to find that in the documentation that comes with the package.

Essentially you are licenced to use the typefaces in whatever way you want – including commercially – you do not “own” the typeface, but you are allowed to use it to produce a logotype (or a book) and possess the copyright on that. There are variations on the licence, some that are nationally influenced, but it generally will forbid you sharing or selling it or spreading it around more than the computers included in the overall product licence (plus a backup copy) – if this is the case you will need to provide the logo to the users as an eps, tiff or jpeg file.

Donna asks…

Future Living arrangements (theoretical discussion)

I will pose a theoretical living arrangement and curious what pros and cons people can name. I was at a very large hotel that seemed almost like a city. The Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN for any who may have visited. It made me consider the idea of a corporate run entity which to residents was completely self sufficient. The structure would be mostly enclosed, with residential spaces like a hotel room. Common areas would exist including business offices, food, and entertainment options, those who live there would work for the community, and as a model it could be a web design firm for example as physical contact with clients is unnecessary for this idea. Residents would have all they needed and could through a concierge type service request any items needed from the outside. I am curious what people have to say about the idea, any pros and cons.

Summer answers:

The global village concept for internet communications is a step towards this ideal. I think that the only thing wrong with it is the limited opportunities for the people to comminucate with nature. We all need the chance to walk about in the open both during the day and at night and to be able to feel the weather, see the stars and hear the sounds of birds etc. Without this we will wither away.

People also need to communicate face to face but I imagine that your model allows for this to happen.

Betty asks…

Graphic Design website?

I am a freelance GD and I have a website to show my work. Should all my gd work be grouped into sections and under headings? for example all Corporate Literature together under a heading, all Illustrations together etc. Or does it not matter at all?

If so what area of Graphic Design do Flyers for clubs & bars come under? Marketing?
And what area do Illustrations come under?

I can’t give you my web address as it gives my name 🙂

Summer answers:

Please please structure your website. Headings are fine, just something that shows you have put some thought into it. You’re calling yourself a designer, so your website should be well designed and structured. Just think of yourself as a future client or employer. What would you want to see. Go on other desogner’s pages and look at their ideas. Don’t just copy them but apply them to your work and make them work for you. It should be an original idea but easy to navigate through if you’re visiting the site.
One way of allocating your work is thinking of potential clients. If a nightclub guy wanted to see your portfolio you’d show him different work you’ve done than some business manager.

Paul asks…

How can I pull data from T-Mobile website?

I am looking to have the cell phones and plans information constantly (daily or weekly) updated on websites that I build for cell phone retailers. For example, if they are a Verizon agent I would build them a website but need the phones and plans information to be updated regularly from the Verizon corporate website. The same would go for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and so on.

I would need the coding/script or whatever information is needed to do this so I can use it for future websites as well (hopefully this is possible or not too complicated). I have a basic understanding of HTML/PHP and web design.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Summer answers:

There are many ways to do this . . .

I have, in the past created the actual script in It connects to the web page containing data and reads it all as one string. Then I use a function that will extract the information (between this and this) and store it in a SQL database.

This database is what will be used to populate your clients web sites so that their information is always correct.

Because I have done it before for a project we worked on – it is pretty easy for me to do now . .but it was a headache to learn how to do it.

David asks…

artistic,cool engineering?

im looking at career choice and i want to be some sort of engineer i want to design new things either electrical or mechanical.(high-tech) the only problem is the atmosphere, im looking to work at a creative and modern place and most of the engineering people i see are the corporate looking (nerdy-traditional) cubicle jockies does this depend on where you work for example if you work in silicon valley you get young hip people in new companies?
for example in video game,and web 2.0 companys you see a laid back upscale casual environment.(no need for super short hair and ties) i couldn’t stand to work for and with the Super uptight traditional business what do you think are there engineering firms like this?

Summer answers:

Have you finished (engineering) school yet?

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