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  • February 26, 2012
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Sandra asks…

Web Design on Photoshop CS3?

Here is a tutorial for amking a web layout for dreamweaver to make a website.


But if you save it as one large .JPEG surely all the webpage will be an image and the text will be all one big image? how can you make the text dynamic and real using photoshop or can you not ???

Summer answers:

Photoshop is a graphics/image processing application. I may be helpful for making visualisations but really, it’s not a web design software.

And yes, if you save your work as a JPEG, your page will be an image. And no, for “real” text in a web page, you’ll have to use something else– and probably just use the JPEG (stripped off the text) as a background image.

Nancy asks…

New at web design…help!?

I’m a REALTOR and need some advice on web design. I am somewhat familiar with frontpage and tried Yahoo sitebuilder as well but neither allows me he capability of creating a visually dynamic site. I am considering purchasing Dreamweaver CS3 and want to know how easy it is to create ineresting features as I have almost no HTML knowledge. How advanced do you need to be to use this product? Are the tutorials easy to understand?
I’m pretty anal about being unique and not just using templates. I’ve looked at a lot of real estate templates and they never seem to quite fit what I want to do. I will definitely look at the sites you suggested though.

Summer answers:

Get hold of Simon – he will do your website for you very inexpensively 🙂

Linda asks…

Website design help (dreamweaver, flash 8)?

I know the basics in dreamweaver and very little in Flash. Im ambitious and looking into learning more about this and creating a dynamic site both Html and flash. Are there any good websites out there that can give some in depth hints and suggestions for flash and dreamweaver?

Also any experts out there have any good experiences with any books or tutorials on the web? please give me some insight on these and help me on my way.

best answer for the most helpful FREE websites

Summer answers:

Check w3schools.com

Robert asks…

[More Dreamweaver]

hi..guys and gals
i’m a graphic designer who is really good at photoshop, earned some prizes for logo contests, and you can say i’m good..

I wanted to learn dreamweaver, they said it’s easy..so, i installed dreamweaver and add it to my adobe collections, went out to buy some DVDs, training videos and tutorials, and bought:
Lynda, VTC, and Kellby Training.. and what i found out: THEY ALL SUCK!

what the hell?! they all start from a template!!! A DREAMWEAVER’S TEMPLATE!
so i got a little advise for them, and that is NOT to say “we teach web design” BUT to say “we teach how to edit a template” . Holy cow! i really wanted to learn web design from scratch! from a blank page!

Can some one help me XD i got a fully sliced psd for one of my designs
so my Question is: How to step-by-step & easily build it on dreamweaver?
my ambitions for “right now” is something like this topinwebhost.com
not exactly as professional as it is, but a banner, a sexy navigate bar with roll-over effects, a content with some photo slidshow etc… in other word: a dynamic simple website.


Summer answers:

Programming isn’t easy for an artist, it’s virtually impossible. (Art is almost impossible for a programmer, so we’re about all about even.)

Art requires a dominant right brain, programming requires a dominant left brain. The last person I can think of who had 2 dominant cerebral hemispheres is known for a little portrait he did – La Gianconda.

To make a website from a graphic, you use CSS to put the pieces where you want them, so start studying CSS, not Dreamweaver. A dynamic simple website? That’s as easy as painting a portrait. Teach someone with no artistic ability to do that and I’ll teach someone with no programming ability to write websites. Or team up with a good web developer, design the sites and let him develop them.

That’s why there’s both a horse and a jockey – neither one could win the race alone.


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