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After finishing the provisioning of our second server i stood back and looked at the creation of our new giant. Internal and automated backups, clusters in two different locations, a return based provisioning system that will allow for sites that are being attacked, banned, censored or stressed by any means to dynamically swap servers from the hot, to the cool.

But,. yes there’s a but.. i have an ocean of space,. and only about 100 sites to try to stress it!

ya,. not so much.

so what did Simon do?

YA.. I DDOS’d Myself!

Google “DDOS using rDos” so we’ll be on the same page.. ill wait right here.

So i launched a DDOS on myself at a coffee shop earlier today,. using one of their computers that was not protected by the common run-of-the-mill cafe kiosk software (not like that would stand a chance.. lol) and while the one instance of rDos was running i tethered my IPhone to my laptop,. and launched a second attack.

if you have any idea of what one instance would do think about two simultaneously. were talking about over 250000 connections per second .. similar to the one that took out SENukes website a few weeks ago,. the one that took out Sony used 3 instances.. and while these attacks were running,. i logged into one of my customers websites (wordpress) , added a page, deleted it, added another user, deleted it, installed a plugin.. then logged out.. then logged into their cPanel, created an email address,. deleted it.. i ran inside thinking this messed up somewhere.. theres no way.. nope .. running.. check the laptop.. running.. i went bug-eyed.. then shut it all down before someone caught on.


So what does this have to do with Free Hosting you ask? well,. to be frank i have about 100TB of space,. and about 100 websites (12GB)

So why not give some potential customers a Free Trial that never runs out!
No ads,. Just Free Hosting.. Reliable Free Hosting

Did i Say Free Hosting?!!> OMG i meant to say FREE HOSTING!

Just for LOLZ!

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