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We really don’t need to have a look at the state of the Google monopoly to understand the purpose of running a campaign to have some already fickle Facebook or Twitter users wanting to use a social medium other than the two giants.

My personal question arises when i read about google’s history and rumored ties to the United States government.. I remember seeing a satire ( where the joke was that Mr. Zuckerberg was really working for the CIA and Facebook was really just a huge spy ring.. think about it.. we post our pictures, our friends pictures.. our locations and work addresses, our family and their locations .. their professions.. *sigh

Not to jump on the bandwagon of government conspiracies and the infiltration into our personal lives to “protect” us for the evil men in caves that can somehow bomb our community libraries and of which we should all be very scared..

I’ll ask..

If Google is in fact a product of a few dozen American CIA and NSA PhD’s (holy acronyms) would we now move all our “Twitter Traffic” and “Likes” over to the US government for analysis on purpose?

“I dunno man” is what i get from all the sheeple I talk to that are around me .. and i think 90% of people say the same thing,. not just because they don’t care about privacy anymore.. but also because they feel as though “They” will do what “They” want whether we like it or not.

If we just backup a few months and analyse the search results for a few common terms we quickly realize that “They” changed some of the results.. the pages may have changed a bit .. but the results in the search window has changed dramatically.

“Panda” was supposed to take down all the content farms and start focusing on plagiarized content from around the internet but if we look closely we can see what it was really about..




Can we trust the people who want to “Censor” our lives.. with the relaying of .. our lives?


.. because i think the +1 may have been the pilot.


Online MBA programs are an option for people who want to delve into topics like this more. The more we discuss with each other, the more we build our own perspectives and knowledge base.

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