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  • September 24, 2012
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Donna asks…

How to automate data retrieval from google adwords keyword tool?

I am trying to develop a script to download data from the adwords keyword tool.

Specifically, I am trying to:

Filter to show global monthly searches above 1000
Filter to show exact matches
Filter to show a single category
Save the results as csv.

So far I can use excel to open up an internet explorer window. But I don’t know how to handle the form filling.

Any tips?

Summer answers:

Rank Tracker tool can be used to track your favourite keywords and see their progress up or down over time. The professional version can export and save. There is a free trail version.

Mark asks…

Can you programmatically access Google Adwords keyword tool?

I want to be able to access keyword data through my own application, but I have not been able to find any public API (that doesn’t cost money) which would allow keyword queries to the Adwords Keyword tool.
If this is possible, let me know. Thanks.

Summer answers:

I don’t believe that the Adowrds keyword tool has the option of automatically export data.

Donald asks…

For keyword research, why is there such a difference between SEO Book results and Google Adwords tool results?

Summer answers:

Google is more likely to beat all the others as its the biggest and most comprehensive.

Chris asks…

Understanding & applying keyword outputs from Google Adwords tool?


I entered the URL of a web page from some one else’s website into the Google Adwords tool. However, I do not understand the output.

Firstly, from where do the grouped keywords originate? In some cases, the keywords did not even appear exactly that way on the page. (Example ‘gateS (7)’ appears but the source page’s only has ‘gate’ within the title, keyword and body tags). Is ‘gates’ more popular for searchers than gate???

More importantly, how do I use the groups? For example, do I apply all those keywords with good results for other columns (advertiser compeitiion, local search volume & global monthly search volume) if I wanted my site to appear in the numbers 1 to 3 spots? Within which tags (title, meta keyword, meta description or body tags should I place these keywords?

I just want to use the keywords, not bid on them.

Summer answers:

Universal Citizen,

=== “Where do the grouped keywords originate from?” ===

They come from the bank of keyword combinations searched for by people on Google. They are mapped with advertising intelligence coming from Google AdWords.

=== “How do I use the keyword groups?” ===

First part is keyword combinations that Google relates directly to the content (page or keyword list) submitted. So a reported keyword may not appear on the list or page to the extent that Google sees a direct relationship between the two (e.g., singular/plural, synonyms, acronyms).

Second part is a list of keywords Google suggested thatn widen a little bit (sometines too much) the scope of related topics.

=== “Within which tags should I place these keywords?” ===

The one you mentioned, plus, among others:

– URL (i.e., file name, directory, domain, subdomain)
– title
– meta description (for search result snippet)
– meta keywords (less important nowadays, useless for Google)
– headings (h1, h2, etc.)
– bold/italic
– alt of images
– title of anchors
– text of anchors
– all over the body (of course)

Note: using the submission of URL to generate KWs is valuable to see how Google understand your page, i.e., would qualify your page for a good rank within search results. To get ideas on KW’s to write about, better iterate thru the tool by submitting KW you deem interesting to write about.


Richard asks…

I am confused with the competition section of Google Adwords tool?

I am researching some keywords on behalf of a client using the Google Keyword Tool. Once I add my keywords into the tool I then download all my data to an excel document. I have 4 categories in the document –

1) Keyword
2) Competition
3) Global Monthly Searches
4) Local Monthly Searches.

What I don’t understand is, for one of my keywords “print advertising” it gives the competition as 0.95 however when put “print advertising” into Google it comes up with 27.7million competing pages.

Where does the 0.9 come from in the Google tool? I don’t understand. Many Thanks In Advance

Summer answers:

Unfortunately the Google Tool is really limited to giving you keyword ideas.

You can ignore competition all together.

1. Keyword is just the suggested keyword to use.
2. Competition is useless.
3. Global monthly searches are estimated search volume for the world.
4. Estimated search volume for your country.

The competition section is for how many competing ads there are not the search results.

If you are trying to do this for your small business I advise you get at least some free consultancy from a professional company as you will spend 50+ hours trying to understand online marketing in general.

Betty asks…

DUDE! Did they update the new Google Adwords keyword tool with Google Instant?

DUDE! Did they update the new Google Adwords keyword tool with Google Instant?

I did a search for a keyword I was optimizing for.. it literally went to 75,000 to 880 Global Monthly searches! I’m a little mad but happy as hell that I am seeing the correct searches!! Whats going down??

Summer answers:

Yep. If you have google account you can sign in with it. And yes the new google instand thing..come up it’s really easy to use.

James asks…

Is there a tool to convert Google Adwords campaigns into Yahoo Panama campaigns?

I’m looking for something to manage my accounts on an Excel spreadsheet. The ideal thing would be to get adwords structure converted in Panama structure by simply pushing a button. I can’t use the “importation” button because I’m not a big spender enough for Yahoo!

Summer answers:

No tool yet.

But you can very immitate the campaign and ad group structure to match google. It is very easy and fast to do this. You can copy the keywords (make necessary edits) and put them into yahoo. Once it is done it may take some time to update and optomize…


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