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  • March 11, 2012
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Ruth asks…

How it is possible for to show 6 instances of Google adwords on their pages?

I thought Google Adwords TOS only allowed 3 instances of Adwords placements on your pages.

Summer answers:

“AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. You may also place a maximum of three link units…”

3 adsense for content units plus 3 link units = 6 units per page.

Robert asks…

google page ranking true or false?

I am paying $140 for first page google placement but I never find myself there, the company that I am paying is now accusing me of being the reason “loosing my rank” as they say that I am the one that is responsible for looking to often, is this true or are they scamming me?

Summer answers:

Well firstly there is no way to pay your way to the top. You can pay for sponsored search results (that show up on the side and are clearly shown as paid sponsors), but the actual results page is not just a work of bribery.

Your page rank is determined by things like number of quality websites that link to your own website. When you pay for a service to improve your search results, they might try to get more quality websites to link to your site, or they may try to reduce the number of quality links to the sites ahead of you in the results.. Other than that however, there is not much they can do to help you.

Lisa asks…

Stopping Constant phone calls from Google salespeople?

I get calls ever day from people wanting me to buy placement on the 1st page of Google. It is not yet noon and I’ve had 3. already!
I talked to one guy and he said businesses can’t block calls even if they are on the National Do not call list.
Any suggestions on how to stop them…I am a 1 person business and can’t keep my phone tied up with this clap trap.
They change numbers or are different people!

Summer answers:

I thought you can get your phone company to put a block on specific callers numbers.

These callers are Not Google, they are an SEO service, likely off shore.

Richard asks…

Does your website get better SEO using Google Adsense?

I’ve seen a lot of websites on the first page of google, depending the search topic, that have
Adsense. Do they get better placement because of adsense? I don’t care about making some money with adsense, I care about getting better placement.

Summer answers:

You state you care about getting better placement. There are two complementary ways to make that happen.

(1) You can use Google Adwords (versus Adsense) to position a link to your site in the sponsored results on page 1 of Google for specific keyword phrases like “top photographers in the wedding industry”. This can happen very very quickly, but you will have to pay Google a predetermined amount of money for each time someone clicks thru to your site. Sponsored results appear in the shaded area at the top and right-hand-side of Google results. Roughly 77% of Google users click on the organic (unpaid) listings first. Results from Google adwords go away as soon as you stop paying for them.

(2) You can hire someone to optimize your website such that it appears at or near the top of natural (unsponsored) search engine results when a specific keyword phrase like “top photographers in the wedding industry” are typed into a browser window. Organic or natural search engine results appear below and to the left of sponsored results in Google. The top 10 websites have 78% more traffic than those in positions 11-30. The top three websites in any industry earn 65% of all online revenue. Results from organic SEO are long lasting, but ongoing maintenance is needed to ensure your competition does not catch up to or leap-frog you.

FYI Adsense, according to Wikipedia is simply “an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites.” Nothing to do with search engine optimization.

Laura asks…

What’s the Max Number of Google AdSense Placements?

What’s the Max Number of Google AdSense Placements is allowed

per page?

per site?

please ALSO provide a link from Google to confirm.

Thank you

Summer answers:

Maximum of:

– 3 standard ad units
– 3 link units
– 2 search boxes

How many Google ads can I display per page? Https://

Follow the above guidelines PER PAGE — Adsense doesnt have restrictions per site

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