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  • March 2, 2012
  • Q&A

Maria asks…

Can everyone list the dirty low life tricks google pulls, its so obvious its pathetic?

Google‘s Buzz..,

The Scam is to create a Gmail account asks you to try buzz, tell me not to my inbox, but if you are still leaves on the button of your online buzz, no privacy, and this nasty low life losers have been selling this information to mainstream marketing groups.

…… also AIM in Gmail, I added my AIM account, a little typo, for week, I had no idea you can not not change the login, so people told me that in your settings> chat> target settings, but think what create a new account and try to find it in the first week and you wonder why in the end when your questions.

I cant imagine what I missed, oh yes, they your IP address each time to log into gmail to let you know that you are logged into Gmail over ONC e at a time, but you do not know that they do when they view your chat or reading your emails.

Once google suspended my account in response to a dispute with someone I asked to add me to their mailing lists, in a few hours it was back on, but all my emails where not in the folders i label, but instead, in the inbox.

Summer answers:

OH YEA!! They are still doing it. Look at the video on

Thats case n point how Google is actually watching you.. I tried that app and it is just stunning how EVERY SINGLE web page I go to the info is being sent to Google.

David asks…

google search tricks?


When we search for the search term mentioned above on google……a list comes containing the websites which are related to …..

I know only this trick….
Can u tell me more tricks please? USEFUL ones i need….

Also explain the meaning of “i’m feeling lucky” button there plz…

Summer answers:

Betty asks…

What are the different ways to search on Google?

Like if you put the search in quotes it returns results for that exact phrase or I know there’s a way to search for backlinks using brackets. Is there a list of all the little tricks you can use to get better search results?

Summer answers:

Effective Googling

Google places the “AND” operator between all search terms entered in basic search box.
It automatically searches for some plural and singular and grammatical variants.

If you enter: news reader
Google searches for: news AND reader OR readers

Google does not search an exact phrase or words, unless the phrase or words is contained within quotes.
Eg.: “hollywood musicals” will return all pages where the words “hollywood musicals” appear.

If you need to expand your search with a synonym, use a tilde
e.g.:” ~Ford” – will return all results for Ford motor company

You can search by filetype also (pdf, ppt, xls, doc)
e.g.: “.Net Framework” filetype:pdf – will list out all PDF files regarding .Net

Limit your search results to a particular web site
e.g.: ranten – will return all sites on Google where the word ranten appears

You can also search for web sites that link to a particular website
e.g.: “” – will return all sites that link to

You can find sites whic are similar.
E.g.: “” – will return all social networking sites

You can use Google as a dictionary to find the meaning of a word.
E.g.: “define:geography” – will return a page defining the word “geography”

Google is a Calculator as well
e.g.: ((11 * 8501) /sqrt (64)) +545 – (54%5) will return the result
((11 * 8 501) / sqrt(64)) + 545 – (54 % 5) = 12 229.875

Google is Converter too..!
E.g.: 1 USD in GBP – will return the result 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.622665006 British pounds
e.g.: 1 pound in kg – will return the result, 1 pound = 0.45359237 kilograms
e.g.: 1 mile in inches – will return the result, 1 mile = 63 360 inches
e.g.: 1c in f – will return the result, 1 degree Celsius = 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit

More Search Operators

Use Specialty Search Functions
Google News:
Google Images:
Google Blog Search:
Google Finance:
Google Scholar:
Google Book Search:

If you need to track an event, create your own Google News alert – it’s free!
You can choose to monitor latest developments on web pages, blogs, Google news, Google discussion group pages, or all of these sources

Google Scholar
Covers: law, medicine, social sciences, arts, humanities, business, & finance.
Included items: peer-reviewed papers, theses, book excerpts, abstracts & full-text articles
Sources for items: academic publisher web pages, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities, & other scholarly organizations.

Google Book Search
Searches full text of indexed books.
If work is in public domain, full contents usually available.
If not, users can view bibliographic info (author, title, publisher) and perhaps some excerpts.
Library partners: UC, Princeton, Stanford, Univ. Of Michigan, Univ. Of Texas, Oxford, UVA, Univ. Of Wisconsin,

Something exciting at last
Localized search
Movie search
Code search will search for eg all the Dominos pizza outlets in India
Will return all theatres running area – this case Bombay, India
Will search for public source code

Google hack for finding movies/music
(warning: Not to be tried at office but home…!)
e.g.: intitle:”index.of”(mp3|mp4|avi|dat|mpeg)Deep Purple – will return all pages that contain media from the band Deep Purple

Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Reader
Google Gear
Google App Engine
Google Sites
Google Sets
Google Trends and so on

PageRank as explained by Google:
Google interprets a link on page A going to page B as a vote — by page A, for page B. Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily.

Paul asks…

How can I check which pages from my site are in Google?

Summer answers:

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