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  • March 31, 2012
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Susan asks…

how to be a great web designer?

I just started taking a class for web designing. I want to do good in it since my degree is in graphic design. so any tips on what i need know or can help me?

Simon answers:

– Learn pretty much everything there is to know. Become a walking dictionary. Start with HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript, then PHP, then MySQL, and that’s as far as I’ve got so I can’t help you any more.
– Read through definitions of all the most obscure bits of those just so you have them if you need them.
– ‘Take apart’ websites so you can figure out how they’re put together. I taught myself CSS years back Great Web Design, viewing the source code, messing with it, seeing what I’d done, etc. It depends on what type of learner you are but this really helped for me.
– Fill in any holes in your knowledge by reading through w3schools. Honestly they’re fantastic.
– Keep asking questions! Srsly.

– Look at stuff. No really. If you like something, figure out what you like about it and remember it. If you don’t like it, do the same so you know what not to do. Look at websites, look at cars, look at a fucking plant. Design is everywhere. I know how cheesy that sounds but it’s true.
– Keep a notebook, for inspiration, or in case you have a bad memory (I do)
– CSS plays a big part in design. Get to know it well.
– Learn about color theory, perspective, and all those artsy-fartsy things. It helps a lot.
– Join some sort of design forum. Understand that there are always going to be people out there that are better than you. Learn from them, try to out do them, etc. Your betters are just a challenge.
– Figure out what you like early so you can do more of that.


Steven asks…

How to start a career in Graphic Design?

I’ve been thinking about a work from home career that’s actually successful and a friend of mine is doing graphic design and brings in a good amount of money just working on their computers for clients. I would love to work from home and work on my computer but how exactly do I jump into the graphic design Great Web Design business? Basically, what exactly do I have to do to learn about it (without going to school for it, I’m already in school for something in the medical field as back up) and do I also have to learn web design?? Where exactly do I start?? Any tips would be great!

P.S. You may be wondering why I don’t just ask my friend who’s already successful. Well, if you were making 200K a year, if it isn’t business, the call will never get through.

Simon answers:

Get yourself a copy of Photoshop or similar program and start pushing buttons. Trial and error is a good way to learn if you don’t want formal education. You can’t be taught how to design, but knowing what buttons to push to achieve the picture in your head really helps smooth out the process. You can’t damage your system with a graphics program so don’t be afraid to push those buttons coz in the end, there is always Undo.

Chris asks…

E-Money – How to get it?

I am researching different ways to make money online and would like to hear from people that have done. I am thinking anything from paid-to-read email, through data entry, upto using web design/flash content. Any tips would be a great help as well as links.

Cheers ‘n’ best wishes

Simon answers:

Clickbank is a great way to get products to sell that you don’t need to keep in inventory.

Daniel asks…

Getting Rights to my work?

I like writing (original) stories, but would like to be able to sell my work. I am great with web design and could set up everything so I had my own site where I could sell the stories (as downloadable files, most likely)

I know you can get published or self publish, but there is so much involved with that and so much to look into. Thing is that anyone would be able to pay to download my work and they could sell it or change things and pretend it is their own. So is there anyway I can stop this? Or am I better off getting (self) published?

Any help or tips would be great. Thanks
Download link to what? I never asked for any downloads and shouldn’t have to download anything for what I want the answer to
Thanks umbravulpes. I did wonder if that were the case.

Is there any file type that it could be written in that would make it harder to change? Or a way to protect the file, but in a way it can still be read? Just so people are less likely to bother changing it and/or selling it

Simon answers:

Whatever you write down (i.e. Put in a tangible form) automatically belongs to you (i.e. You have its copyright). If you’re thinking of submitting your work(s) to a publisher or agent, you don’t need to do anything concerning your copyright.

If you self-publish, then you may consider registering your work with your government’s copyright office, though this may not be necessary.

If you make your works available online, you still have the copyright, there’s not much you can do to stop people from stealing your work. But should you find out about them doing so, then yu have the right to take legal actions against them (as you still have the copyright).

James asks…

How to allow website visitors to design PP presentations?

I am creating a website for teachers who often need to create PowerPoint presentations on vocabulary. Many teachers spend hours finding images and sizing and inserting them into presentations for their classes. I’d like to provide PowerPoint slides for these common vocabulary terms which could be arranged and used however the teachers choose. I’m thinking that there would be a searchable list of terms, maybe with four or five options for slides for each term, and the teachers would be able to click on the slides they want and then arrange them into a PowerPoint presentation of their own, adding only the title and end pages (and inserting any other pages of their creation if they choose). Teachers should be able to say what order they’d like the slides to appear in and to rearrange them, too. I’d also LOVE it if these same slides could be saved to be used as online flashcards for students who could login to personal accounts, download the teacher’s PowerPoints and review thier flashcards onsite.

I know that PowerPoint presentations can be posted and downloaded from websites in the same way that Word or .pdf files are often used. Do you think that this is possible? Would it violate any laws or copyrights or anything? Do you know of a good way to write a website that could do this? And can you recommend a web design service or program or something that would allow a great teacher but so-so web designer to accomplish this?

Any hints or tips are GREATLY appreciated!!!

Simon answers:

Well, I recommend that your convert the PowerPoint presentation to Flash and then upload to website. The converted will retain all the animations and audios. And it will have a smaller file size.

Carol asks…

Branding + Marketing – Do you need a degree for that?

I’m in the design/web field and want to get in to branding and marketing / advertising.

I want to be able to discuss with clients how to market / advertise their business as well as branding their business.

Do I need a degree in marketing or advertising to do this? or do people just sorta go with the flow. I got a degree in graphic design/web design but not marketing.

Tips from industry people would be great too.

Thanks 🙂

Simon answers:

No one just goes with the flow. That’s the sort of thing that could send a company bankrupt. No, you need a Bachelor’s degree in business, with a major in marketing.

Robert asks…

Exit Interview with Kroger?

I’ve been working at Kroger as a Courtesy Clerk for a year now and I’m searching for a new, part-time Web Design job while attending college. Are Kroger employees required to do an exit interview upon resigning? I’ve always hated the job itself (people i work with are nice tho) and I feel it would be difficult for me to ‘fake’ another interview before leaving. What should I say that’s positive that will leave a good impact on the managers? (ex. i met a lot of nice, interesting people while working here but i feel im ready to start my career in web design, etc.) Any tips would be great!

Simon answers:


Once in a while people do quit job they are working for a better opportunity or career change. It’s just a regular phenomenon. Working at Kroger as Courtesy Clerk, you’d meet a lot of nice, interesting people even though you’d hated the job itself. Job itself is normally boring, and think how hard it might have been without those nice and interesting people. You need to be grateful that you’d them and helped you to go through a year easily.

Usually, at the exit interview, they ask questions like the reason for you to leave the job, likes/dislikes about your job, whether you’d recommend it to other people and such things for getting overall feedback on the job and the company. But how honestly you answer is up to you. Try to phrase the negative feedback in such a way that it has a benefit for the company and doesn’t have negative impact on yourself, as this will be noted down under your name and will be kept record of. The thoughtful feedback and insight will definitely help to improve the work station quality if properly addressed.

Good luck both for your exit interview and your future career for Great Web Design !!

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