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Since PPC or pay per click advertising is becoming more competitive and many companies have finally realized it’s worth investing in SEO as a solid marketing strategy, many companies are making a lot of money out of SEO.  However since search engine algorithms change so often webmasters as well as website owners need to make sure your SEO company of choice is not giving using out of date or even bogus advice that will waste time and money.

Knowledge is power, and the uninformed will surely perish,. so i was thinking maybe i can clarify some commonly suggested,. and misinformed advice many SEO companies offer as “Good Advice”.

Adding “keywords” to meta

Most Companies still come up with a list of keywords and suggest that you add into the keyword tags for each page, and although it’s important to add a concise paragraph into your meta description, adding keyword tags won’t improve your ranking in Google at all. Google stopped doing this a number of years ago, and most of the other search engines followed soon after.

“Submit your website to search engines and directories”

Google looks at the amount of incoming links to your site,. and uses it as part of its algorithm to know where to rank your website, but really it only counts quality links. this can be easily proven by a simple search query “” where Bing and Yahoo may report a few hundred or even thousand and Google will only show 4 or 5. Quite a few SEO companies will tell you that they’re going to “submit your site to 400 search engines and web directories” and not be specific about the context of submissions or categories in which the websites are placed. When not submitted carefully this method isn’t very effective and could really damage your future ranking efforts.

“Higher Traffic is good for Conversions”

Your SEO company might show you a presentation with a graph showing the traffic to your website sky rocketing. Great, you’re famous! But be skeptical. Where is all this traffic coming from and is it the right kind of traffic?

Again,. it is possible to get lots of traffic to your site by using directories, getting links on some social websites, i even offer traffic blasts to improve Alexa ranks. The increased traffic might look good on a graph, and to Alexa it looks great! but remember to pay attention to your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, it means your visitors are leaving within a few seconds because your website was not what they were looking for. This type of high traffic volume won’t improve your conversion rates at all.

“Guaranteed Number 1 in Google”

Tons of SEO companies will make this incredibly hopeful statement and try anything to get you to the #1 spot on Google. We need to be very cautious if they claim this before they even know what keywords you are trying for! If the keyword set is really popular there’s little chance they can “Guarantee” you’re going to be on the first page,. let alone at the top. What this usually means is they will rank website for some low traffic keyword set, but if this isn’t the keyword your customers are using to search.. well..

And number 1 in Google wont mean squat these days anyway! everyone’s search results are different on Google depending on your location, search history and social factors.

“It’s a complicated situation”

I’ll be the first to admit, having a website rank in the top 3 of Google can be a complicated process, but fall for technical jargon just cause it sounds about right.

There are many mathematical aspects of SEO, and getting people to visit your website will require good old fashioned marketing,. mostly who your audience is, and where they spend their time online. Knowing what content would benefit or interest them, speaking to potential customers using the same language they would use and understanding them.

“SEO is 90% links and 10% OnPage”

Knowing that inbound links are important to your ranking, if an SEO company claims it can improve Google rank by link building alone, they’re only doing half a job.

The website has to be optimized for relevant keywords on a page by page basis, and structured so search engines can spider them efficiently. Google looks at more than just links, server location and page speed.

“High PR will get you any spot you want”

Google PageRank is a calculation based on the amount of websites that link to you, importance of each link, website traffic with 0% bounce, age of the website, spam blacklist standing, IP neighborhood, authority of the content.. sites link to your links and so on.. there are over 500 PhD’s that have contributed to the algorithm at Google.. just think of that for a minute.. Do you really think that some Fly-By-Night SEO operation is going to be able to outsmart them?!

There are so many factors search engines look at when calculating how to rank your site, it’s important to take notice that the pagerank calculated by add-ons and toolbars won’t be the real value used by Google itself.. it will only be a guess-timate so be weary.

“Great content will rank you highly”

Google will often reward fresh and unique content with a high ranks, but the truth is that content alone won’t get you up to number one.

You could have the best content in the world but if the page is poorly optimized and difficult to spider, you will find it won’t get the attention from Google that your content deserves. It’s a bit like creating a commercial for television and not buying any airtime to show it. Unique content is paramount, but you will need to properly optimize the website or you will run the risk that your great content will go unnoticed.


Remember to take the advice you’re given about SEO with a pinch of salt, or you might find you’re wasting your time making changes that have very little effect. There are many good things you can do to improve your site’s optimization – i constantly write up-to-date blog posts and information about SEO.. so my advice would be:

Create clear content for your audience, use subject matter parallel to what they’re looking for and use the keywords they use.
Try to measure the results of any SEO activity – pay attention to bounce rates and conversion rates as well as traffic volume.
Try not to focus on just one area of SEO, like link building, – websites need a good SEO strategy to be successful, including On-Page and Off-Page optimization.


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