Continued Market Share Gains by Bing in Search

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Market Share Gains by Bing

Market Share Gains by Bing – When i talk to customers about SEO i often forget to mention Bing and Yahoo as where and how long it will take to rank. Mostly because they don’t matter! Google commands over 70% of the market and of that 70% we include the majority of searches.

“The only people to use Bing is Microsoft employees, and Ryan Seacrest”. Usually when i check Bing and co. for keywords i have been ranking my clients on Google for.. they are usually not too far off where they are in Google.. Left to the fact that Search Engine Optimization is SEO, is Website Optimization .. meaning they all look for the same stuff.. I usually don’t really concern myself with these menial results .. but the momentum is changing.

Dramatic Market Share Gains by Bing through advertising, promoting, getting into contracts with the education system.. getting into contracts with more large-scale corporations.. and as a result they are gaining more and more share of that 70% Google clings to.. just today that figure has been confirmed at 68%. That 2% may sound menial in itself but considering that google processes over 200 Billion (with a B) per day.. that 2% make up for about 400,000,000 searches. added the zeros there on purpose to more detail my concern. Although SEO is Search Engine Optimization is.. Bing does look for a few different signals than what Google looks for ..

Now the challenge is relative to ranking in the both instead of trying one, and letting the other follow, and the first order of business os figuring out Bing’s Webmaster Toolbox

Small business owners using online marketing to bring in customers must always keep the big search…

Market Share Gains by Bing in Search

Market Share Gains by Bing in Search

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Market Share Gains by Bing

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