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  • February 27, 2012
  • Q&A

Linda asks…

I am looking to open a computer business, any help on how to setup please?

The services I will be providing, I undersatnd for a begginer is a lot, but most of these serveices will be handed to other comapnies who will work in conjuction with myself *

Computer Hardware/Software
Web Design*
Network Cabling + extras *
Mobile phones
This a home based business with the * services being given out to companies who I have made an agreement with.

Summer answers:

It takes a lot of work. You need to get your resale certificate then make contact with vendors for the products you want to sell. Sit down and make a comprehensive list of what you intend to sell and who you intend to sell too. From that list you’ll be able to figure out what products you want to sell.

Do you have a lot of capitol to start? If not, advertising is going to be difficult. You can try putting signs for your vehicle, they may help,. You can get the magnetic ones. Consider your company’s mission statement. I serve a particular group only. Anything outside that group I don’t deal with. If you try to be everything to everybody you will find yourself pulled in too many directions. Once you know who you want to sell to you can start looking at how to advertise to them.

There is a long list of things to do and set up. It took me a couple months to get all the details worked out. The hardest part is getting things rolling and getting clients. There is always a trust issue at first.

Good luck. It’s hard work and very frustrating but can be a load of fun.

Jenny asks…

Are there any web sites specializing in free software for the Palm Treo 750?

I bought a Treo 750 a little while ago, figuring that there was plenty of free software out there for Windows Mobile. Although that’s true, nearly all of it was designed for devices with a rectangular screen–the Treo 750 has a square screen, like other Palm devices. Since the market for square-screen Windows Mobile software is so specific, the amount and diversity of such software seems to be extremely low. Basic utilities like the Microsoft Reader and Adobe PDF reader work just fine, but most other apps and games don’t work properly. Can anyone help?

Summer answers:

Google any WM freeware or goto

Daniel asks…

Is there any certification necessary or advantageous in IT?

I am 28, now swtiching from Industrial Engineering to Information Technology. I have learned some programming & networking, and now taking further studies in IT. I am not sure whether there is any certification needed (or worthwhile) in any of these sub-fields:
1. Programming (software/ database)
2. Network & security
3. Web design & programming
4. Mobile technologies


Summer answers:

Where do you live. In Australia, they want workers with academic qualifications (like diplomas), but also want workers to have industry qualifications (like A+). A+ is an CompTIA test that they tried to make mandatory for Australians in IT. It proves that you can do work as a technician, so I suggest you get that as a start.

They also have other certifications:

All of CompTIA’s certifications are one 90 minute test

Thats all I know about American IT certification. Hope it helps. (the tests can be done in other countries if you’re not American, they are recognized worldwide).

Susan asks…

Full Sail Mobile Development?

So Full Sail University is offering a mobile development course (BS degree) which offers education for developing on iOS and Android devices. In addition to this, they also include web development for mobile devices too. It’s a 32 month course (2.5 years), each class is about 4 weeks long.

The tuition is like $56k, which includes their launchbox hardware and software program, where you get a new macbook pro and CS5 suite.

I’m trying to do some research and it’s totally hit and miss, but this program is only about 2 years old and it’s definitely in the direction with what I want. I already have some amateur/intermediate background with programming on Android and web designing, including photoshop and stuff and I feel this is something that I really want because it touches what I’m feeling passionate about.

What are your opinions on this and maybe do you know any alternatives to Full Sail that offers the same type of course for programming and design?

Summer answers:

You will get knowledge but not proportional to the tuition.
i would seek a cheaper route -they are very pricey, plus most of the things they teach are not in high enough demand to support the number of people seeking those jobs and also the diploma is not worth anything, only the knowledge.

Betty asks…

Will my computer work with this software?

I have a toshiba satellite. it has an Intel Pentium processor t4200 (no idea if its good or not) and a 320 gb harddrive will it work with adobe creative suite 4? it includes all these
Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 – Web design

Adobe Flash® Professional CS4 – Interactive content

Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended – Image editing

Adobe Illustrator® CS4 – Vector graphics creation

Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro – PDF creation
Adobe Fireworks® CS4 – Web prototyping and optimization

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 – Create and edit digital audio

Adobe Contribute® CS4- Website and blog content

Adobe Bridge® CS4 – Visual media management

Adobe Version Cue® CS4 – Collaborate in workgroups

Adobe Device Central® CS4 – Preview and test mobile content
Yea i would like to know before i buy cause this software will run me a alittle over a thousand dollars

Summer answers:

Im sure it will,. but…
If you are waiting to buy this stuff so you know that its compatable, i would ask the vendor if there is a return policy jsut in case it doesnt work

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