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  • July 19, 2012
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Laura asks…


I recently saw a website with photos with a cool effect. It was the photo o an object which reflected part of its own image at the bottom of the picture. Like when you go to the fields and on the water of a lake you see the reflex of the mountain that is right in front of you. What is that effect? Can I do it in iphoto or a need photoshop?
Ijust find out that this effect is posible to make it in the tools of iWeb. Thanks anyway for your answers.

Simon answers:

Set something on a mirror and shoot away.. lol its actually easy.. copy the image, flip it over and decrease the opacity. – boom you have reflection.

Daniel asks…


i’m a noob at photoshop…i wanna practice but i got no idea?
any suggestions or sites you know what are good?

Simon answers:

It’s a hefty investment ($50) but photoshop classroom in a book is a great resource. It has lots of color pictures and great practice lessons. I use it in my classroom for my photo students all the time. Instead of going through a mish mash of online sites that are very disconnected PS classroom in a book gives you a very regimented experience and eash lesson builds upon the last one.

John asks…


i was trying to find a tutorial for photoshop to change the hair color to white but i haven’t found one on guys think u can help please :]

Simon answers:

Youtube have all the tutorials for photoshop

Sandra asks…


I am new with photoshop, so i don’t really know that much. However i know thee basic commands like the ones that are in MS paint as well. I don’t really know how to do like special effects though. Please give a tutorial or explain. Thanks

Simon answers:

It would take hours or days or years to give you a tutorial. Thankfully, there are already some tutorials out there. My fave is

Such a great program.

Ken asks…


How do you make someone nose bigger in photoshop cs or Elements 3.0? I want it to look like it is comeing out at you.

Simon answers:

The first thing you should do is put the nose on a separate layer. You can select the nose using the lasso tool, select edit>cut, and then create a new layer and paste it. You can use the pointer tool to change the size, and the various distort tools to achieve the effect you want. You may to use the blur tool to soften the edge between the nose and the rest of the face so it doesn’t look fake.

Chris asks…

PhOtOsHoP. :]?

is there a website i can download photoshop from. cuz my dad is not willing to buy it. so is there some way to get it without having to pay for it.

Simon answers:

I download my photoshop at Limewire and lucky me it included the keygen…♥♥

Michael asks…


Heyy, thanks for clicking on my question, you’re awesome.
Do you know how to make pictures look AMAZING using photoshop? I’m currently working on a business project, and I need to make a collage with some pictures…I don’t just want to stick the pictures on simply because that looks unprofessional, but I do want to edit them and blend them in to make it look nice. Please try to help if you can, and for those of you who are just here to criticize, you can leave. Thanks

Simon answers:

It sounds like the Photoshop techniques that would work best for you would be using blending modes and creating vignettes. For example, using certain blending modes on two layers containing the same image (in other words, there’s one layer with the original image and another layer with a copy of the same image right above it) will make the image brighter or darker, make the colors more vivid, etc. Vignettes make it possible to smoothly blend the edges of an image into a background. Fortunately, there are some great tutorials on both of those:

Blending modes tutorial (and don’t worry too much about the math aspect; just experiment for yourself and find out which blending modes work for your images):!-5,8,65a.html

Vignettes tutorial:,8,64a.html

Hope this helps. 🙂

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