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Betty asks…

What can I do to get the highest search engine placement possible for my Web site?

I remember back in the “olden days” of search engine optimization, it was mostly about the keywords in your META tags. Now, that clearly is not enough. I’m curious what I can do to optimizes search engine placement without paying thousands of dollars for someone else to do it for me. What are those people doing to get top placement?

Summer answers:

The new word in SEO is “Authority”

In the past two years, Google is making a shift in their algorithm where the content – Google likes lots of great new content. Your website must have lots of good relevant content focused on the keywords you’re optimizing for. You need to add new content on a regular basis so the content is changing and not grow stale. With lots of good fresh relevant content, Google will see your website as a resource for the keywords you optimize your website and give “Authority” on websites that do not have a lot of targeted content, or no new content added or its contents age because it has not been updated in months.

Links – Google looks at the number of links pointing to your website, what pages they point to, and what anchor text is aimed at those links. In-bound links are one-way (for your – not reciprocal) give your website “Authority”. Google sees this one-way in-bound links as votes that your content is good enough for another website to link to you.

Most link exchanges will not give you the value you need to “authority” of Google to get. It is the same as the exchange of votes for each other, but there may be value if the website you are sharing with has more “authority” than you. The link (an important confirmation as it comes from a reputable site) to you to transfer a portion of the “Authority” of the main website for you.

The number and quality of one way in bound links is one of the most important factors in getting your web pages to a higher grade.

When optimizing web pages for specific keywords, you must anchor text links pointing to you using the same keywords you have optimized for. An example of anchor text would be “training Golden Retrievers” for a web page that you created, you guessed it, the training of Golden Retrievers.

Web 2.0 – Who does not know about the Web 2.0 explosion. Web 2.0 is about video, social networking sites (My Space, Facebook, etc), blogging and social bookmarking sites (, Furl, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.). Google loves new advanced technology and they love video and social networking websites, hey, forget they bought You Tube for a few billion $!

Making use of video and social networking, blogging and bookmarking websites is the latest way to take advantage of the “Authority” Google has such websites. If your content is available on these websites, your content will get more “authority” than the same type of content that is not available on web 2.0 websites.

Consider these three points and determine whether you do everything you can to rank higher in Google. Do not forget the “authority” is the key to SEO for Google.

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Steven asks…

Does the length of term for a domain registration effect search engine placement?

I recently purchased a domain from They gave me a call, and told me I wasn’t going to get good search engine placement unless I extended the term on my domain, its currently just a 1 year purchase.

Is this true? Or is that just a sales tactic?

Summer answers:

The age of a domain, as well as how long it is/has been registered do and always will be a factor for search ranking. A very good tip is if you purchase a domain with a high PageRank you need to keep it there., if you change the registrar you will loose all PageRank .

Lizzie asks…

What’s a cheap way to get search engine placement?

I want my business to get found on search engines without spending a lot of money.

Summer answers:

We have link campaign packages available to the masses for just under 50 bucks. we can do some onpage optimization for just $35 per hour as well.

Richard asks…

What is the best and least expensive way to increase your search engine placement?

I want my website to be placed higher on the search engines. What is the best way to do this?

Summer answers:

Your website needs to have sufficient quality matter and description. You should use proper Meta tags for your website. At the same time it also depends how much quality traffic the website gets daily. Try to increase traffic to your website with several methods like classifieds,social networking,you tube videos,traffic exchange programs,etc.

William asks…

Need Info on Search Engine Placement for my web site?

I am about to launch a web site selling coffee and tea. I don’t know anything about search engine optimization, the companies that are supposed to do it for you, etc. Anyone with a web site have any insight on services/prices, etc. Thanks!

Summer answers:

The first thing i would do is make sure you have plenty of crawlable pages, then i would head over to an SEO analysis website (just google the tearm) and make sure your h tags are good as well as the keyword density for your targeted keywords.. then get one of our link campaigns they are just 49.99 and will make sure your content is well – linked.

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