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Google SandBox

Today is August 27. We have just been asked to place into the search engines. below is a screenshot taken a few minutes ago from my desktop. The Search Query is What this will do is tell us a few things.. first. The site Google has indexed, the sites linking to this site, and the immediate – relevant sites that may be of interest.

Sandboxed Site SEO Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Ranking Services

The site has been around for a while..  Registration date was 2008?(+ its a few years old.) )

And There is a site that points to it..
First Site Link is Located here:
Sandboxed Site SEO Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Ranking Services

.. there is a reason why its not indexed.
This Site has been SandBoxed!

What happens when a newbie webmaster has a flash site, and there’s only one page to optimize??
Keyword Planting.. Black Hat Optimization!

What happens when Search Engines find Keyword Planting??
The Site Will Get into Google SandBox!

Basically what Sandboxing is..
A “Sandbox” for developers is the “State” of the development process.

Sandbox (software development)

For the Wikipedia feature, where newcomers can experiment with editing, see Wikipedia:Sandbox.

sandbox is a testing environment that isolates untested code changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository, in the context of software development including Web development and revision control.

Google doesn’t want to mess with your site, or let any unwanted visitors to know where your playground is.. so they sandbox you.

The length of time it takes to get out of the sandbox, and back into the playground?
Well.. First.. Google needs to be told to take you out! like an email!.. but see.. Google is the teacher.. and your just a kid in a sandbox..
{Wait times can vary from 30 days to 6 months.}

OR .. > You can get a Developer!.. That Has his Very Own Sandbox!.

Then.. Google is the Teacher.. But We Are the Principals!. (The Principal can go get a Student. at Any Time.)

Over the Next 30 Days Purple Turtle Productions is going to demonstrate.. a few things.

  1. We will Pull This Site Out Of The Google Sandbox!
  2. We are going to find out the keywords this site will be optimized for.
  3. We will Develop The Medium for Optimizing This Flash Site  — Don’t Forget This is a ONE PAGE FLASH SITE.
  4. We will Rank This Site “Top Ten” in Google for 3 Keywords.

See you all in a few days!



DAY 2! Today is Saturday August 28th. its 2:34pm.

OK! 24 hours! WERE IN GOOGLE .. … sortof  LOL ..  Screenshot below

Site in Google Sandbox Day 2

Despite the lack of listing.. we have a few more references.. this is the first page..

Day 1 : Search: – Google: About 8,470 results  — {Look carefully at the day1 screenshot}

Day 2 : Search: – Google: About 8,540 results — a gain of 70 references!

(Not to be confused with inlinks.)

also.. after creating a few GOOD landing pages..
(were in there with the references crowd. 🙂

right there.. middle of the second page..

Screenshot Sandboxed Website Day 2

FYI: if you ever want to see how many pages Google has for a Website..  -{ google search–>}-

google picked up !

So far I have manually submitted to over 80 directories and 20 social bookmarking sites.. as well as written 3 articles Referencing 3 main keywords. every day I need to submit more. and create more good content. Once the Big “Let’s Go!” Slam happens on the first day.

We out of the Google SandBox yet?

See you on Monday!


Happy Monday!!

DAY 4.. 11:05 am. August 30 2010

The Main URL for HAS BEEN INDEXED -> yay!

Were out of Google SandBox!

Screenshot 1
Google SandBox - Site in Sand Box - Get out of Sandbox Google

AND….. we have 5 URL’S Indexed!

Google SandBox - Site in Sand Box - Get out of Google SandBox


230 directories and 89 social bookmarks, 4 full articles referencing 4 main keywords later. There is no replacement for a good site with good content.

This one page flash site is now a full blown painting and interior decorating information Dictionary!
( As Far as Google can tell anyway. )!

Although this Website is Still Technically “In SandBox”, -( Screenshot 1 – we can tell because it does not rank us as the most organic in the SERP with the very url )- the length of time to get out now is solely dependent on the search metrics of the website itself. ie “keyword relevance and percentage placement”

HOWEVER! We can begin the ranking process!!

Screenshot – SERP-6 – Term: house painting vancouver
-- Documented Proof  -- We are the best at what we do -- Purple Turtle Productions --

OK! What did we learn.. We can rank .. AND STILL BE IN SANDBOX??

 Get out Google Sandbox in 7 Days. – YES.

Google SandBox

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