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Web Design Inspiration Q & A

Helen asks… Where to find web design inspiration? As a web designer, where do you find web design inspiration? What are some good…
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Designing a Cheap Web Page Q & A

Daniel asks… whats a cheap web design and hosting site (im a dj and i need a simple web page where i can…
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Importance of Backlinks and the Impact of Anchor Texts

Backlinks are the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO). Sure, on-page optimization is essential as well, but without backlinks and unless you plan…
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Secure your Website + Damage Control

Website Hacked? Secure your Website + Damage Control In most cases i have found that most security vulnerabilities can be thwarted by only…
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Facebook. More Issues?

So the word on the street today is the Facebook "like" may  not be as helpful to businesses as it may seem. People…
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Google + 1 = More Questions

We really don't need to have a look at the state of the Google monopoly to understand the purpose of running a campaign…
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