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Comparing the Big 3!
GoDaddy <=> Hostgator <=> BlueHost

We can all agree that having a website hacked or taken down or off-line is the most frustrating and annoying damaging thing that…
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SSL and Website Security

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol which serves to secure the transmission of information over internet channels. Web pages which…
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Cloud Hosting with SSL + Amazon Buckets

Cloud hosting is the most secure way to guard your website against would-be hackers or any other form of compromise to the integrity…
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.htaccess re-write – redirect https IP to domain/sub-domain

.htaccess re-write IP to domain Today we engage the tedious task of redirecting ip's, canonical, and https subdomains case by case; First we…
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Cheap Secure SSL Web Forms

If you combine a free hosting account with an SSL certificate (which are only $49.99/year, requires unique IP @ $2/mo) you could create…
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Adding SSL Subdomain to CloudFlare.

I love CloudFlare. Not only for preventing DDos attacks .. spam bots .. harvesters .. omg the list goes on and on.. If…
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