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  • February 22, 2012
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John asks…

What skills do I need to become an in-demand web designer/developer?

I have a lot of experience with the graphical aspects of web design (e.g. working in Photoshop, Illustrator to create visually-pleasing web sites). However, I want to increase my skills into learning how to make web sites more interactive (e.g. programming, etc).

What skills do you think are essential for one becoming a top-notch web designer/developer? Any good books or resources you’d recommend?

Summer answers:

Sounds like you are very artistic. Good for you! A list of skills you should learn to make more interactive web sites is:

The thing with programming is that once you learn the basics of if loops, for loops and while loops… All languages are nearly the same. You just have to learn the new syntax and get familiar with the language libraries. So a basic course in programming at any community college or a thorough online tutorial would be useful.

I found this website extremely useful for teaching/reviewing the basics.

Lisa asks…

What specifications do I need for my mac book pro for a web design business.?

I have finally decided on a Mac. I guess I will need a Macbook pro because I want to run windows as well. I also want to run them both parallel on the desk top. Tell me what i need as far as Ram and such. Thanks

Summer answers:

For web design, 1GB of RAM should be enough. More is always good though… Any of the MacBook Pro models would be good, but you might like the larger screen for design work.

Another option would be an external monitor, as the machine comes with a DVI port and VGA adapter for it. The external monitor is independent of the main one (unless you want it to be a mirror). IOW, you can have your menus and tools on one screen, and your work on the other. Simply disconnect the second monitor when you take the MBP off your desk.

An external FireWire drive is good for storing your work and backing up, and you would probably want the Adobe Creative Suite of software, which includes Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

If you happen to be a student or teacher (or have one living with you) Adobe gives a good academic discount.

Enjoy your new Mac!


Lizzie asks…

Top web developers that know API (language: JAVA or .NET)?

I need help with finding a developer that knows API (language: JAVA “OR” .NET).

If no one can help there, does anyone know where I can self-teach myself? Any sites out there that have applications for assisting API (ex: Intuit?).

I am trying to open a book business and my inventory (from my wholesaler) is in API (on their server). From there, I need help with web design, etc., etc.

Summer answers:

It is easy in .Net and Java both. There are two parts of the type of program you are talking about.


Consumer part will consume or fetch the data from your wholesaler. Once you have the data, producer will display in your website. It is not only learning API, at the same time it needs understanding of coding, database – it takes about six months time to do that.


Sandra asks…

Visual basic web design?

which is best book for the learning Visual basic web design?

Summer answers:

Books are so thick and very dry. Your better off finding websites and video training.

Nancy asks…

How long/is it possible to make a website like this?

I have been offered to make a website advertising a therapist. I don’t know the first thing about web design, but I am told that if you get a book, it will walk you through every step you need. Will I be able to do it? And also how long do you think it will take to make this website? It doesn’t have to be top notch, just nice, presentable, creative, and colorful.

Summer answers:

It really requires you to have experience; amateurs should never do these sort of things and charge anybody any money. You can do it as a pet project, under the employ of the company itself,. or build up experience by working along with other more experienced web designers, but never do one seriously for a client when you have no experience at all it will ruin your reputation and be a general bad experience for everyone.

With website design, you will need the specifications from your client, the images, the content, etc.
You will need to look at competitors’ websites
you should look a site map and plan how your links come together
you need to think as a designer and know a little about HTML and/or Java (?) to do a good enough design
you need to think about how to market your website to the customers of the client
you need to think about style
you need to think about how to improve the ranking of the website in search results
you will probably need to know things about animations and imaging software

Although you say it doesn’t need to be top notch, it does need to be descent; that’s a bar difficult to reach by amateurs. I know because I tried doing this on my own for my own website.

The dummy books aren’t usually adequate, let alone most free tutorials online.

How long? I would say it’s a 5-7 day’s work. If you have all the graphics/pics, text, plans, etc. I would say it shouldn’t take you more than a day’s work to put everything together. That’s presuming you know what you are doing and you are reasonably skilled at it. In your current position, I would give it more of a 2 weeks’ work.

Good Luck!

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