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  • February 21, 2012
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Helen asks…

Where to find web design inspiration?

As a web designer, where do you find web design inspiration? What are some good internet resources to make better looking websites, bring some new ideas to your work etc… So what are best Web design resources on internet?


Summer answers:

As a web designer myself, I sort of integrated what my site was about with the navigation menu. My site is about Apple products so I used an iPad as the navigation menu with apps as the links. I also prefer to use WYSIWYG HTML editors such as Dreamweaver so I get that visual and just drag n’ drop feature. Then another idea is just look at some sites similar to yours and see what features they have such as a comment box, shoutbox, the style of navigation and just things like that. Then the last idea is for if your looking to use more attracting colors use programs such as GIMP or Photoshop so you can get that exact color code such as #1091D1 instead any turquoise.

Ruth asks…

Do you know of any really good sources (including books) for design inspiration (ie. Web design)?

Summer answers:

There are programs for learning website design – it might help you, but i don’t know their names you can search for it in the web -it can be more helpful than books

Maria asks…

I’m lacking inspiration for Web Design?

I am in this class and I have to submit a mock-up (on Photoshop) for class, but I can’t think of any. Also, the sky is the limit, I can make a website on anything of my choosing, as long as its class appropriate. I was thinking making a website on my favorite flowers, or on Japan just because of hobbies…I don’t know how to set it all up. I need help!!

Summer answers:

What do you love to do in life? What is your passion? For all the hours you will need to design and develop a web site, it’s much more fun to create a theme based on something you love to do. As for inspiration, visit Smashing Magazine at www.smashingmag.com and select ‘Inspiration’ from the top menu. They post ‘best of’ lists in every web design genre you can think of.

It’s a daily read for me. Some other good sources are as follows:

http://www.designmeltdown.com/ – Web site previews can be sorted by color, style, industry, or subject. You can also view only menus, texture treatments, icons, footers, 404 pages and other sub-categories.

CSSMania, ZenGarden and DigitalThread used to be good but I haven’t visited for quite a while, since I’m focused on mobile web design for the moment. The best one is Smashing Magazine because it’s a jumping off point for other inspiration showcase sites. I have literally spent thousands of hours of total immersion at that site. It always energizes my creativity.

Best of luck.


Laura asks…

Where do you get your inspiration when designing or creating web pages?

As of late I find myself struggling to create a web layout for –myself–, but when designing or creating for other people I have no problem, and the creativity just flows…

Any tips and ideas?

Summer answers:

When I’m stumped i go with low-tech and free-hand ideas, then add color and allow each image to develop on its own. Doesn’t always work, but it can be a helpful exercise.

Mandy asks…

Should I share trade secrets with a work rival?

My employer, a web development firm, rents out office space to a self-employed graphic/web designer. I do most of the designing for my company; sometimes we contract out to her for design work. She has shared with me a couple of links to design resources (color ideas, etc.), which I appreciate. But one day she asked where I get my web design inspiration. I said I would send her some links but didn’t, because the fact is, she’s our competition as well. Her web skills need improvement (I think she knows that), and I don’t want her to take business from us in the long run. It doesn’t help that she used to brag about her talents, an attitude I don’t appreciate. If she’s so good, she should be resourceful enough to find her own inspiration. Should I be friendlier about this and send her the links?

Summer answers:

Mandy, I hate to be a spoilsport but my simple answer is “No!”

If you give your competitor your secrets then you have basically given them your job.

Do not send her the links.
If she is that resourceful she should be able to sort herself out.

Hope that helps.

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