Designing a Cheap Web Page Q & A

  • February 20, 2012
  • Q&A

Daniel asks…

whats a cheap web design and hosting site (im a dj and i need a simple web page where i can post links for cds

Summer answers:

Simple, free, nice layouts at

Jenny asks…

best cheap & affordable web design?

i’m looking for a web design company
i only need 2 page website
but i am on a budget so i need a cheap one

Summer answers:


Why go with a company which might be quite costly? Post your project on a freelance site and maybe some internet marketing forums. Specify your budget and people interested will contact you. There are quite a few freelance designers, so you will surely find someone for a good price.. What is your budget??

Chris asks…

what’s a cheap and easy web design program?

I’m looking for a web page builder that’s free or close to free. I’m horrible with HTML, but I used to be pretty handy with Microsoft Publisher (which I don’t have anymore). Any help would be appreciated.

Summer answers:

Notepad is the only true free editor (for anything).
Any other WYSIWYG web editor makes bad code.
If you are horrible with HTML, you’d better leave the web design for others…
If you are an artist (and preferably a good one), design your static pages with Photoshop or similar, as just a screen image.
Give your static pages (images) to Simon: he will do the rest and you will have a beautiful and efficient website.

Charles asks…

Where can I go to get a web page designed for cheap?

I have a working one but would like some help with the server side and database construction and management. Who can help?

Summer answers:

Simon would have your website up and running at a fraction of the cost of most development websites / companies,. and he’s an SQL / php Guru!

Lisa asks…

What free/cheap and EASY web design software do you recommend?

My boss is passing the torch of maintaining and designing our website on to me. We already have a host/provider, so please no suggestions that I set up a site through Yahoo or Google. What I need to know is what kind of software exists that will allow me to easily create web pages for any platform. I’ve heard of Microsoft Frontpage and am considering it, but I’d also like to know what else is out there.

Also, I’m a PC person, and my boss built the original site on a Mac. Please take that into consideration. And, if you don’t mind, speak in terms that those of us who aren’t computer whizzes can understand.

Thanks so much!

Summer answers:
NVU is a great program.

Frontpage is lame.
Kompozer is the upgraded version of NVU with different features.
There is also Dreamweaver, which costs money, and is not cheap.
Simon uses notepad.

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