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  • September 16, 2012
  • Q&A
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Jenny asks…

What is the best free tutorial website design development in the internet?

Summer answers:

I’d recommend WordPress because it’s an easy CMS that’s doing a lot for you.
There exist a lot of great tutorials how to create your own wordpress theme.
See sources

Linda asks…

Where to get website design cutting tutorials?

Anyone knows where to get any tutorials about website design cutting? The design I have made in PhotoShop. And I need how to learn cut design proffesionaly.

Summer answers:

I believe you mean slicing. As in slicing templates. 🙂

We can slice and code a .PSD for you into HTML and .php to use with WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

A tutorial on how to slice:

Google is your friend.

Susan asks…

web design for a tutorial website?

I’m looking to build a website for displaying tutorials on a subject. I know how to write html, css and javascript but apart from these what other technologies tend to be used for tutorial websites. I would like to apply php and mysql if possible. I suppose its more the content management im interested in, in how the tutorials will be stored and accessed. Does anyone have experience in this type of project and recommend what technologies would be best suited?

Summer answers:

Make the basic page layout and have the links on it like php – html – css etc.. Then in your directory have folders like html and php and css and so on and keep each script in there and link to them from your website ?
I could help you make a website if you want ? Let me know
Hope i helped

Maria asks…

Looking for a tutorial on how to do a flash design on a website to look like pages turning in a book?

I am trying to do a website layout, and I want the design to look like pages turning in a book. Does anyone know of any tutorials out there?

Summer answers:


They have tutorials on just about anything you’d like to do to a website.
Have fun and good luck.

Robert asks…

what is the best photoshop tutorial website?

I love photoshop and spend most hours of my dauy on it. I want to learn more. So.
Is there a website specialy designed for tutorials on photoshop and it has to be where i can download the pictures they are using and not that i have to use my own pictures and i want the website to be legal but i dont want to pay money since im 14 and dont have a credit card

Summer answers:

Youtube, there are thousands of very good tuts, try Gavin Hoey he is great

sorry forgot this one equally as good;

Carol asks…

are there any books that teach website design using Adobe Fireworks CS5?

I have been using Photoshop CS5 for quite a while now for website design, but have recently dabbled in using Fireworks. Have seen that some things are much easier in Fireworks. I know everyone has their opinions as to what is the best software to use for website design. I am not interested in hearing them. I am only looking for the best book(s) or tutorials for website design using Adobe Fireworks. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Summer answers:

Adobe Fireworks CS5.5 Classroom in a Book.

Charles asks…

Website design books that teach php login and form building?

Im currently learning more advanced Dreamweaver, can anyone recommend any books for teaching website design? Or tutorials I could buy?

Summer answers:

There are plenty of free tutorials available on internet. For fundamental knowledge check

Notable design.

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